Deg Xinag

Deg Hit'an Language

​"Dinaxinag axa xinayh.".
 - "He speaks our language." - Deg Xinag Ałixi Ni’elyoy
​About Deg Xinag


Deg Xinag is the traditional language of Deg Hit’an Athabaskans in four villages on the Lower Yukon River: Shageluk, Anvik, Holy Cross and Grayling. There are no longer any speakers in Holy Cross or Anvik. It is spoken by 14 people in Shageluk and Grayling.




Gan gon?

Ndadz dengit'a?

Xełedz dist'a.

Chenh ditr'al iy.

Enagh iy.

Deg Xinag dindldig vantr'alnilay.

Thank you.

What is this?

How are you?

I'm fine.

Next time. (goodbye).



So we will remember Deg Xinag.

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Updated September 2020. 

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