It takes a village (or all our villages!) to revitalize and maintain a language--and within that language ecosystem, there are many different roles. There can be any mix of teachers of the languages, elders who speak the language, parents supporting their kids learning, and the language learners themselves--of any age.

We've set up this Resources section so you can look at different types of resources: technology to help communicate in your language, language curricula developed by other schools, and language learning resources themselves.

If you want to look at all of these in a different way, you can also click on one of the portals above, to see some suggested materials for how you can help with your language!

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Updated April 2021. 

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This website acknowledges the traditional territories of the many Indigenous Alaskan Nations that have lived in and taken care of the lands of Alax̂sxax̂ (Alaska) since time immemorial.