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AK Native Languages and Legislation

Legislative Actions

The Alaska government historically worked to systematically eradicate Alaska Native languages. Today, the Alaska government has a duty to recorrect those actions with legislation and funding that supports Alaska Native language revitalization. Without substantial government support, it's more difficult to run schools, to apply for grants, and to realize larger-scale projects for language revitalization and maintenance. Below is a brief history of policy decisions in Alaska, relating to language.


You can learn how other governments have supported Indigenous language learning by clicking on the links under "In the Lower 48 and Beyond"

Alaska Policies

2018 – Linguistic emergency declaration, HCR19

2014 – Official Languages Act (revising the 1998 English-only version), AS 44.12.310

1995 – Native Language Education, AS 14.30.420

The Lower 48 and Beyond

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