Unangam Tunuu 

Unangax̂ language

​"Unangam Tunuu ugunux̂talagada".
"Don't forget your Unangax̂ language" (W) - Unangax̂ values
About Unangam Tunuu


Unangam Tunuu is the language of the Unangax̂ (also known as Aleut) people of the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands. About 150 people speak the language. It is divided into eastern and western dialects (and the sleeping Attu dialect).


Unangax̂ is distantly related to Yupik and Inuit languages, but differs in that it has a less complex morphology, generally with shorter words than Yupik and Inupiaq. Its vocabulary is significantly influenced by Russian, with hundreds of loanwords from the language. For example, the word for apple in Unangax̂ is yaavluka, from the Russian ‘yábloko’.





Kamgam Ukudigaa





Hello / Hi / Yes / You're Welcome

Good luck (Goodbye)

Thank you

Happy Holidays


I am happy

I am sad

Come again

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